Kaya Teapot


Award-winning teapot made in stoneware with a tactile, soft touch surface. The Kaya teapot holds 850 ml.


Ergonomic and unique modern teapot.
Soft and inviting matte softouch surfaces combine with graceful forms and happy colours…
our new Kaya teapot designs make tea-time a relaxing and pleasurable moment in your day.

In Japan, the word “Kaya” means  “under the willow tree” and also translates as “a place of rest”.
We hope you will create a simple and satisfying moment for yourself each day to savour a well-brewed cup of tea.

Made in stoneware with a unique, soft-touch silicone surface.

Design Award: Gold, 2018 HCZ Cup.

Colours: aqua, orange, cobalt, pink.
teapot volume: 850 ml.

The Kaya teaware is delicate and stains when left dirty. Hand wash only and wipe clean all drips and splashes immediately.

Additional information

Weight 2,85 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 in

Cobalt, Aqua, Orange, Pink


646437402842 (cobalt), 646437402913 (aqua), 646437403207 (orange), 646437403047 (pink)


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