Life is truly lived in the moments of simplicity

Delightful Dahlias!

My husband has always been much more of a gardener than I am. But lately I have been excited about growing flowers, especially dahlias! Since I grew up in tropical Hawaii, dahlias are not a flower from my childhood. But I find the colors and geometries of dahlias...

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The Joy of Kitty

It has been a month since my darling kitty died...he was 21 and had lived a full and adventurous life on two continents. While I recognize that a happy, long, and well loved life is fortunate, I am missing him every day. We had daily rituals together and I miss him in...

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How to keep your Orchids Blooming

Orchids are one of my favorite flowers, but when I lived in Upstate New York, sadly, my orchids did not flourish. Living in Barcelona is another story, my orchids are living in paradise. The upstairs bathroom is warm and sunny and gets just the right misty atmosphere...

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