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Delightful Dahlias!

My husband has always been much more of a gardener than I am. But lately I have been excited about growing flowers, especially dahlias! Since I grew up in tropical Hawaii, dahlias are not a flower from my childhood. But I find the colors and geometries of dahlias...

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Extra-rich & Flavorful Ramen

When I was a kid growing up in Hawaii, ramen was my favourite lunch, though in Hawaii ramen is called "saimin". Admittedly, a packet of supermarket ramen doesn't have much nutritional value or taste especially good with powdered broth, but ramen is the ultimate...

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Honey Roasted Apples

Now that my eldest son is at University, it feels as though cooking family meals has been radically simplified. First of all, my younger son announced to me that he wanted to reduce his consumption of meat. Since I had been fighting the losing side of this argument...

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Spaghetti pie

Who could resist a dish called "Spaghetti Pie"?? I certainly couldn't, although growing up in Italy I never encountered anything remotely like a spaghetti pie. Let's just say that it is a bit like mac n' cheese with some greens thrown in and fancier cheese... I came...

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Zucchini-Avocado Salad

For years I have been obsessed with avocados, but the rest of the world has caught up with my obsession. I found this recipe, supposedly by Frida Kahlo, for Ensalada de Calabacín. Then as usual, I made my own version with the ingredients I had at home.  Fortunately,...

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Grilled Corn and Feta Salad

Fresh corn is becoming increasingly available in Spain, nothing like the summer abundance of corn that one finds in the USA, but it is sometimes possible to purchase two-packs of corn cobs, which is a big upgrade from canned corn! So now I am back in grilled corn mode...

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Swedish Heart Waffles

Swedish waffles are the best! Although I'm married to a Belgian, I still love the Swedish waffles my grandmother used to make better than any others...and the recipe is surprisingly easy. I want to point out a few things about these waffles: First of all, Swedish...

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Key lime pie

Key lime pie is one of my favourite pies, (though technically this pie is made with regular limes, since key limes are unavailable in Spain...) Graham crackers are also unavailable in Spain, and so far I have not figured out a good substitute, but I did bring a couple...

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Cherry Tomato and Cherry Cobbler

I make a lot of cobbler-crumbles and I adore both cherries and cherry tomatoes, so this recipe intrigued me. As my kids are always quick to remind me, tomatoes are fruits, but who ever heard of using them in a cobbler? I don't think I've ever baked tomatoes in a sweet...

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